Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mood Booster

holaaaaaa.... its been so long long hiatus and actually i almost forget about this blog :D. but still, i miss it :)
I miss visiting all of my friend's blog and have a lil chat with them. i think i should be more productive ha, maybe :D
well, this month is such a super busy month because i have to finished pre order products of HLV and prepare new stuff for Diary baru HLV on June, i really enjoy it but sometimes we need a lil break to fulfill our energy, you know such a mood booster so we can do all of our work maximally. and to bring the bad mood is going to be a good mood, we need... to take a picture and read comic! haha

these photos are taken on my room. these are such a mantra when i have a super bad mood and sooo lazy for finishing all work. dress well, take some pictures, read Kobo Chan, and am ready for back to work :)