Thursday, January 28, 2016


hello! it's been a while since my last blog post in 2015 ya :D
well, I had so many up and down stories during my long hiatus and trust me, I miss my blog so so much :*
after had the sewing workshop with Craffein Labs as I told you in my last post, I was kinda busy with Hasta La Vista. Prepared new babies, made Pre - Order stuffs, rearranged our management system which was so messy (always messy even now I guess -.-), and it took lots of time :D
ow by the way happy new year everyone! it is not too late right to say happy new year *he :)
2015 gave me lots of experiences, amazing and astonishing experiences :D. I learned so many things and I hope it will makes me to be a better person, better human being, and better bag maker :P
by using my short memories :D, lets make a lil recap about 2015;
finally joined bazaar as my 2015 resolution for Hasta la Vista :D, interviewed by Solopos TV and Net TV, got featured in Ummi magazine,  had a chance as a seminar speaker in Universitas Tunas Pembangunan, and had sewing workshop with Craffein labs in November. 

beside that, I got so many many new experiences to improve myself alhamdulillah. I met so many inspired people in 2015 and brought me to the new better thinking and reopen my mind about how to face this crazy life as a humble human being. trimakasih sebanyak banyaknya sudah memperbolehkan saya memetik pelajaran dan belajar dari semua yg telah membagi kebaikannya kepada saya di tahun 2015 :))))

and this year, I start this 2016 by moving to the bigger place. yes, I'm not anak kos anymore :D
actually I had planned to move from my boarding house to a rent house for so long time. my sewing nic nac are getting out of control I cant handle it anymore. I need more spaces to put my works, my meals (I'm a badass in eating :D), and my personal stuffs. so after had a not-so-good journey in finding new house, finally I got the good one *yay*
I hope this year I will be active again in making tutorial and giving sewing tips for you all. I have so many plans for this year and I'm very excited to meet my new journey. I hope when everything is going bad or good, I can take the lesson and bring me to a better individuals. rise and shine pokoknya ya ^^

by the way, I'm turning to 24 today :D